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Happy Holidays

happy damn holidays...arfHappy Holidays y’all. Make sure you visit our latest endeavor… Make sure to leave us a comment, either here, in our MySpace blog, or in the Christmahanukkwanzaa blog and let us know what you think about the site and the song. Thanks! And Happy Christmahanukkwanzaa to you!

Yipee! MCTC is done mixing!

Wow, after what seemed like a marathon weekend locked at Mad Dog Studios, we are done mixing. Samur, our engineer, is simply the best. I don’t thing he ever walked out of the control room the whole 12 hours we were there on Saturday. Not even to use the bathroom. Which, by the way, wasn’t being used by Page either. (Page, what conclusions did you come to with that high tech, top secret, scientific experiment?) We’ve got the wave files of all the tunes and we’ll be off to mastering. After that, it’s art work, and to the press. Then we will unleash this monster of a CD on the world. Stay tuned!


Sending get well wishes

Sending big get well wishes to our good buddy and fellow Muddflap Marc, who was in a nasty car accident yesterday. :cry: 

Marc, man, we hope you are back on your feet ASAP. The Flaps just won’t be the same without you.

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Tracking is done!

Hey all,

Well all the recording on the new CD is finally done. We are now mixing. So it won’t be long till the finished CD is available to the world. Once it’s done, look for us to start playing gigs. Bob & Page played a faculty picnic in Simi last Sunday. I unfortunately couldn’t make it due to a previous commitment with another band. But I did happen to make it to the picnic as they were packing up the gear. So I guess I did make the gig, sort of. I promise you all that I will not be missing anymore MCTC gigs in the future. We actually rehearsed last Tuesday and what a blast it was. Since I’m the new guy here we have to run through the old MCTC tunes because, although I’ve heard them numerous times, I’ve never played them on the drums before. So it’s learning new songs for me. That’s my favorite part of playing drums. Learning new tunes. I hope I do them justice because I tend to put my own creativity into my playing. I’m sure if I go too “Neil Peart” on them, Bob & Page will reel me back in. We are going to play some after-summer rooftop party that’s going to be a kick. I can’t wait for that. Also, we are almost done with “The Bowlwinders” CD. Now that is an experience! Those songs are unbelievably hilarious. It’s hard to keep a straight face listening to those tunes. Keep checking back for more updates.

See ya, David

Happy Birthday to Page

Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, dear Pa-age

Happy birthday to you!


Love you, Page! 😎

OK, One more time!

Who reads this stuff? Hello? This mic on? (tap,tap,tap) Well, MCTC is going back to Mad Dog Studio’s this Saturday to finish up on “3 Days To Live”. Bob will finish laying down his absolutely wicked guitar leads. I tell you all, some of the stuff Bob can get out of his guitars makes me think he is posessed by the ghost of Robert Johnson at the crossroads. Simply amazing stuff. And the “other” member of MCTC is coming down from the Bay Area to lay down some keyboards. I’m excited about that, because I don’t know him and I’ll get to finally meet him face to face. And hearing keyboards added to what we already have is going to be insane. Then it’s mixed, mastered, and pressed. Then we’ll be ready to share this with the world.

Later, David

(Hey Lori, The happy faces aren’t working. Unless I’m doing something wrong)

Flippin’ awesome!

So I got to hear the new CD on the Great Sherden Roadtrip of 2006! It is flippin’ awesome! I can’t wait for the last few tracks to be recorded and then mixed down. You guys rock!

MCTC Recording sessions

Hey all,

The recording sessions for “3 Days To Live” are just about done. A few minor fixes left. But what is done sounds freakin’ awesome! We got rough cuts on CD’s last night at about 1am. I’m tired today, but I’m listening to the CD right now, as I type this blog, and it’s totally getting my energy level up. I can’t wait till the final mix. This stuff will knock your socks off. This 16 song CD will have a little bit of everything, rock, country, pop, blues. Everyones tastes should be satisfied. More as we progress.

Later, David

I think I’ve fixed it…

But damn it, we’ve lost all the previous posts 😦 GD WordPress ate the entire darn blog. I’m gonna have to check in the morning to make sure that it looks ok.  It’d better, cause this is how I’m feeling right about now…

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