Mary Carves the Chicken

Upcoming gig at The Viper Room in Hollywood September 30

Tickets available for prepurchase here.

Mary Carves the Chicken (MCTC) is a rock, alternative, country, blues, all original band based in Southern California (but will travel) that will rock you into next week and back again.

MCTC formed in the early 90s from the wreckage of two very different LA bands. Page Jackson was playing in the techno-rock band Tone Poets, while Bob Sherden was playing in the hard rock band Urban Circus. The two met by chance when Bob tried to sell some tickets to an Urban Circus show to Page, who offered to trade for tickets to a Tone Poets show. Soon they were writing songs together and commiserating about the frustrations of band politics. When they had about fifteen songs together, they decided to record them, just to have them on tape. They recruited some friends (and even invited a string quartet from the Santa Monica Promenade) to play on the recordings and the result is the debut album “Mary Carves the Chicken.”

Since the mid-90’s, Bob and Page have continued to write, record, and perform as Mary Carves the Chicken. Since that first CD, they have independently released six more albums: Welcome to Hollywood; Three; Jeez Louise; Live Chicken; Critically Acclaimed, Number One, Smash Hit, Triple Platinum Debut Record (as Double Wide); and the new CD, Love & Respect. The band has survived several line-up changes , as well as Page’s move to the San Francisco Bay Area. Although Page has since relocated to Southern California, the band continues to have a very loyal following in the Bay Area.

Drummer David Weinstein joined Mary Carves the Chicken in 2006, for the band’s most recent release, “Love & Respect.”

The band is currently working on a new album, tentatively titled, “Less Is Never More.” Although they play rock, blues, and country cover tunes as well, their live set is one of the most original and catchy around, capturing audiences with their witty, intelligent lyrics, groovin’ music, and superb showmanship.

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