Mary Carves the Chicken

Mary Carves the Chicken (1994)
Mary Carves the Chicken (1994)
Bad Hair Day
Found Dead in the Bathroom
Catholic Girl
Please, Please, Please
Don’t Call Me Shirley
Goldfish in a Blender
Could You Be Mine?
Coke and Jehovah
2 AM in Texas
Death of a Gay Waiter
The Girl Who Cuts My Grass
Bonus Track: She Freuds Again 

Sample Tracks:

3 thoughts on “Mary Carves the Chicken

  1. Deni Myers (Reinhart)

    We’ve been looking to replace our lost cd of Mary Carves the Chicken and can’t find a way to purchase it. Is it still available ANYWHERE??? Help!!

  2. Funny you mention it – we just had some more pressed. We’ll have them at the show tomorrow. If you can’t make it (and we hope you do!!), let us know and we’ll get in touch with you.

  3. Deni Myers (Reinhart)

    We were really hoping to get to the concert, but can’t make it. 😦 Is there any way to order the cd or somehow purchase it? Please let me know. Thanks!

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