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MCTC Recording sessions

Hey all,

The recording sessions for “3 Days To Live” are just about done. A few minor fixes left. But what is done sounds freakin’ awesome! We got rough cuts on CD’s last night at about 1am. I’m tired today, but I’m listening to the CD right now, as I type this blog, and it’s totally getting my energy level up. I can’t wait till the final mix. This stuff will knock your socks off. This 16 song CD will have a little bit of everything, rock, country, pop, blues. Everyones tastes should be satisfied. More as we progress.

Later, David

I think I’ve fixed it…

But damn it, we’ve lost all the previous posts 😦 GD WordPress ate the entire darn blog. I’m gonna have to check in the morning to make sure that it looks ok.  It’d better, cause this is how I’m feeling right about now…

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