OK, One more time!

Who reads this stuff? Hello? This mic on? (tap,tap,tap) Well, MCTC is going back to Mad Dog Studio’s this Saturday to finish up on “3 Days To Live”. Bob will finish laying down his absolutely wicked guitar leads. I tell you all, some of the stuff Bob can get out of his guitars makes me think he is posessed by the ghost of Robert Johnson at the crossroads. Simply amazing stuff. And the “other” member of MCTC is coming down from the Bay Area to lay down some keyboards. I’m excited about that, because I don’t know him and I’ll get to finally meet him face to face. And hearing keyboards added to what we already have is going to be insane. Then it’s mixed, mastered, and pressed. Then we’ll be ready to share this with the world.

Later, David

(Hey Lori, The happy faces aren’t working. Unless I’m doing something wrong)

One thought on “OK, One more time!

  1. Lori

    Damn it. I am beginning to really get pissed off with these smilies. Why oh why didn’t I stick with Blogger instead of trying to get all fancy and shit with Word Press? It will work if you use your keyboard – for instance, use : and ) together without spaces to get 🙂

    I am woman. I will prevail over this god damned POS technology. This is what I do for a living, right? I just need to approach it at a time other than 1 in the GD morning.

    BTW, David, the “other” MCTC person you mentioned is Gary Pitman, keyboardist extraordinaire. I hope I get a chance to see him and say hi!

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