No way! A new post from MCTC? Yep.

We know, it’s been a while since we posted a blog. We’ve been busy, trust us. We played a 15 minute semi-acoustic set for KHAY radio this past Saturday. KHAY was hosting a benefit for our troops. They were collecting pre-paid phone cards to send to our troops so they can call home for the holidays. All it took was the first song of our set to get the radio station and the folks at the benefit hooked as new MCTC fans. The song we used to hook them………”I Don’t Mind A Girl (with a couple extra pounds)” then “Days A Wastin'”, “Jackrabbit Run & Persuaded” from the new CD and finished with “Simi Valley” because afterall, we played in Simi’s sister city of Thousand Oaks. We gave out bumper stickers and a few CD’s of Love & Respect. (Yes, we now have CD’s) But give us sometime to have our webmaster general update the site with our online store. If you can’t wait for the physical CD to go on sale, go to Itunes or Rhapsody or wherever you download music and buy it. Then we’ll let you know when we’re ready with our online store, so you can buy the physical copy also and give that as a present. The gift of music is “A Beautiful Thing” (why is that in quotes? Look at the track listing for Love & Respect on our music page and you’ll get the joke) That’s it for now.

Oh wait, not done yet. MCTC is playing at the Toys For Tots concert at the Simi Valley Town Center on Dec. 2nd. That is open to the public, just bring an unwrapped toy for some lucky child. We go on around 12:30.

We are also making a guest appearance at Fairfax High School’s Christmas show to play a few MCTC original holiday tunes. I know what your thinking……MCTC holiday tunes? Yep. Page wrote one last year called “Christmahannakwanza” and this years offering is “Santa Clause In Blue”. One holiday song a year. So be ready for MCTC’s new 10 song holiday CD in 2015.

And now that the CD is done, MCTC is gonna hit the scene and play some shows, so be sure to check the webpage or myspace page for upcoming shows. I think the recording break was a little longer then we expected, so be prepared to get ROCKED by us because we have alot of rockin out to do.

Until then……..

4 thoughts on “No way! A new post from MCTC? Yep.

  1. Is what a dig? The webmaster general comment? Not even. Page, Bob, or myself look to you for all the website things. We don’t know a gigabyte from a dog bite. You really think I would throw a dig at someone who works 12 hour days, comes home to 2 kids, a husband, and a crazy dog. No way. I may be nuts but I’m not stupid. No dig there, nope, not me. I swear, no harm intended. See, it must be the fact you’re a Jewish Mother, and I have a Jewish Mother! Oh the guilt I feel, and I don’t even know what I did!

  2. Holy crap! A new post! I’m in shock and awe. *G* Sounds like you guys are busy, and I’m super glad of that.

    Oh Lori, what power you yield. I bow to your greatness. 🙂

    Yes, David, it’s me again, Lori’s friend Anne from Let’s Gab. :-0

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