Blue Ultra Lounge & Happy Holidays

Well, the numbers were small but loud. MCTC was scheduled to play a 45min set. But the band scheduled to go on after us cancelled. So, we got to play 90mins. That was fun. We played songs we weren’t expecting to play and even when we were done, the sound guy said “play a few more”. Who were we too disappoint? All in all it was a fun night and judging by the crowd, most of you missed it. We’ll forgive you. It was a Thursday (and cold) night right before the holidays.

Now, we’re going to take a little holiday break (I know, we’ve been on break for 2 years). If you haven’t picked up the new CD, it’s available online at any of the music download sites. We wish everyone a Happy Christmahanukkwanzza, Happy New Year and we’ll see you on the other side of the calander.

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