A long and overdue post

Hey guys,

Let me start off by saying, yes, we’re still around. We’ve been working on some new material that will rock your socks off. We’ve also been playing here and there, but it’s been few and far between gigs.

Our last gig was interesting to say the least. We were scheduled to play the KHAY radio benefit for Children’s Hospital. A very good cause. We showed up an hour before our start time, which was 10:00. Page was sick as a dog but managed to pull himself out of bed to play. Well, 10 o’clock came and David’s other band “Country Gone Awry” had not even taken the stage yet. And they were scheduled to start at 9:15. By 11:00pm “CGA” finally went on stage but there was still another band to go on after them and before “MCTC”. Meanwhile, Page was getting worse with his flu and the radio station basically, gave us the choice to wait it out or cancel our performance. With Page being that sick it was in the best interest of Page’s health to cancel. It was disappointing but it had to be done. We apologize for that.

We are playing at the Blue Ultra Lounge again on June 20th. We’re playing along with the, “safest rock and roll band”, The Muddflaps w/ Gretchen Bonaduce. This is a fun group of guys (and gal) and you might recognize one of the guitar players and bass player as our very own Bob & Page.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of “Love & Respect”, why haven’t you? It’s available on Itunes and most of the other online music stores. Come on!

We’ll try not to be so long between posts.

See ya at Blue,

Bob, Page, & David

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