New Songs! New Songs!

4 brand new songs from our upcoming CD “Love and Respect” have been added to our Myspace page! Just to give you all a little taste of what we’ve been working on. We know it’s been a while, but we wanted to give you the best CD MCTC possibly could. We’re only giving up 4 songs before we release the CD. OK 5, if you count the one somebody leaked, but due to the fact she’s the official “keeper” of MCTC, we wouldn’t dare say anything to her about it (more sucking up). But hey, that’s more then most bands do. They release only one song before their CD comes out. And their CD’s only have 11 or 12 songs at most. We’re giving you 16! And while you’re looking over our myspace page, check out the new pics from our rooftop party in Downtown LA, studio pics, and one pic that’s a new spin on the legendary MCTC pic from way back in the day. Our webpage should be updated in the next few weeks or so with songs and photos also. That way you don’t have to run all over the web looking for us. Not that you all aren’t running around the web anyways. We’ll keep you posted.

6 thoughts on “New Songs! New Songs!

  1. Oh, come on Dave. *G* You KNOW that your “keeper” was only sharing your wonderful tunage with us blogger gals and we sooooo appreciate the sneak peek. 🙂

    Is the CD available YET??

    I’m waiting, waiting, waiting. 😀

  2. Uh Oh! It’s the other blog! Well, the CD in the final stages of completion. We’re finishing the art work and finalizing the liner notes. You’ve waited THIS long, you’ll have to wait a little longer. But trust us, it’ll be worth it. Did you go on to our myspace page and hear the “officially” released 4 songs? Add those 4 to the 1 “unofficially” released song and you have already heard more of the new CD then almost everyone outside of the band. Don’t worry, a few weeks and it’ll be out. Now, if you were at the party in Downtown LA last Saturday, you would’ve heard 9 or 10 of the new songs along with some “classic” MCTC tunes. Anyways, I’m glad you like the tunes. It’s great we have such devoted fans. Is your husband getting better? Tell him MCTC is pulling for him.

    Take Care,

  3. Yes, it’s the other blog. heh heh heh We know where you are. I’ve got more linkage to you guys too… I’ve got Google reader and I’ve “shared” your blog posting. More promo! Woo hoo!

    Of course I’ve been to your My Space page. 🙂 I’m stalking you. KIDDING. I’m so NOT a stalker. Okay, sometimes I am. *eyeroll* I had to be honest in case Lori happened to see this and called me on my crazy fangirl ways.

    I would have LOVED to have been at the LA party, but I live in Wisconsin, so it’s a bit of a ways to travel. It would have been worth it though from the pics you guys have up. Too cool.

    Yes, my hubby(Bob) is getting better. He’s about 95% and that’s SO much more than we could have hoped for. Thanks so much for asking and for your support.

    You guys rock! and I’ll be waiting. 🙂


  4. Mary Carves the Chicken

    Yup, you are a stalker 🙂 But I love you anyway *g*

    Seriously, if I can find 24 uninterrupted hours, I can get the CSS together for the damn store, and we can get the ball rolling on the CD sales for you all out there – but David is right – they are still waiting for the artwork.


  5. David

    We know, we know. The art work is actually being worked on right now. Ya see, we want this to be absolutely perfect for you. We realize this is starting to look like the “Chinese Democracy” album by Gun-n-Roses but it’s not. “Love & Respect” will be out soon, it should be available online in a matter of weeks. The longest part of finishing a CD is the end process. Trust me, it’s worth the wait.

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