Re-Mastered & Re-released

Way back in 1993 two amazing musicians got together and recorded some tunes and printed some CD’s. They called themselves, Mary Carves The Chicken. Well, those CD’s have been sold out for a while. But now, thanks to the magic of the internet, Mary Carves The Chicken’s self-titled first CD is now available at your online music stores.
Sure, you’ve heard “2 A.M. In Texas”, “Bad Hair Day”, the classic “Goldfish In A Blender”, and crowd favorite “Girl Who Cuts My Grass” before. But this is remastered, sounds amazing and will take you back to the place when you first heard them.
So go to your online music outlets and get MCTC’s very first album. The self-titled CD “Mary Carves The Chicken”.
Keep checking back because we’re currently re-releasing “Welcome To Hollywood” with the song Simi Valley, “MCTC 3” with the song Shoulda Thought About It, & “Critically Acclaimed, Number One, Smash
Hit, Triple Platinum, Debut Record” with the tunes Half Empty & Come On Over. Those are set to go live online very soon.
Also, Page Jackson’s solo CD’s will be released online also as well as Bob & Page’s other project “The Muddflaps, featuring Gretchen Bonaduce & Chris Doohan” 4 song EP.
David’s other project “Country Gone Awry” should be releasing their 3 song EP soon also.
So MCTC and all our side projects should be available for everyone to enjoy very soon.

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